The Jes Past Pupils Union was reformed to create a platform that will allow past pupils to re-connect with one another, to re-connect with the “spirit” that makes us all “Jes Heads” and to re-connect with the school. To be clear, the PPU is about connecting and not collecting! There seems to be a perception that the reason for getting the union going again was for fundraising purposes and that is not the case. Although in time, the members may decide to mount some fundraising campaigns to support specific projects in the school or specific projects to support past pupils or causes that past pupils may be involved in, or there might never be any fundraising at all, that will always be for the members to decide.


Can I join the committee?

The union is always interested to hear from any Past Pupil willing to help the PPU either by serving on the committee or by supporting an event in an organisation role. If you are interested to learn more, please contact us.



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